Why You Should Work With An Independent Agency When Buying Home Insurance

When you buy a house, you will spend a lot of time, money and effort over the years maintaining it and adapting it to fit your unique needs. Still, you are not immune to numerous risks and liabilities that threaten all homeowners, no matter how careful you try to be. That’s why you should be able to rely on your homeowners insurance to provide exceptional benefits when you need them most.

The best way to get such optimized coverage is to work with an independent insurance agency like SWFL Insurance. We know that you have a choice of agencies, which is why we will work hand in hand with you to earn your trust, find perfect coverage solutions and help you maintain your home insurance for years to come.

Consider just a few of the advantages of working with an independent agency like SWFL Insurance.

1. Choices Of Plans From Multiple Carriers

Because our agents are independent, they are not bound to sell only the policies of a single insurance carrier. Instead, we are partnered with numerous major carriers, all of which offer customizable and competitively priced homeowners insurance packages. We’ll do a comprehensive comparison of all plans within our network to help you find the one that offers you the most optimized coverage.

2. More Access To Savings Potential

An affordable plan particularly comes in handy when it comes to your homeowners insurance. After all, you never want to run the risk of your coverage lapsing due to nonpayment. Still, just because two insurance policies look alike, that does not mean that they are priced the same. Two similar policies from different carriers might be priced differently depending on the quote each carrier is willing to offer. With our help to compare different policy options, you’ll always be able to land on the one that is best for your budget.

3. Local, Personalized Services

Whether you need to file a claim on your home insurance or just want to check to see if your plan still offers you optimized benefits, you shouldn’t have to deal with long hold times and impersonal agents. At SWFL Insurance, we’re your one-stop shop for all your policy needs, and we fully believe that the best way to satisfy our customers is to be responsive to them when they need us.

That’s why when you work with us, you’ll always talk to someone who understands your situation, empathizes with you, and is committed to helping you solve your problem. We are rooted in our community, and we know what our customers are looking for in their homeowners insurance. We’ll make sure you get both the general and specialized coverage you need to always protect your home, possessions and family in the best possible ways.

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