Health Insurance Options Now That Open Enrollment is Over

Can I make changes to my Medicare coverage?

Annual election is January 1, 2021- March 31, 2021. During this time period you can:

  1. Return to original Medicare part A & B and purchase a Florida Blue Medicare supplement along with a stand alone drug plan
  2. Return to a Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plan

Can I change my under 65 policy?

Open enrollment is October 1- December 15 of each year. While this is the time to make changes for the coming year, there are circumstances that allow for a “special election period” (SEP)

  1. Marriage or divorce
  2. Adding a new member to the family
  3. Moving residences
  4. Coming off of group coverage with an employer
  5. Changes in income to remain compliant

What if my under 65 policy doesn’t cover everything?

Florida Blue offers critical illness, accident and hospital plans to fill the gap where coverage is not offered with your current health insurance plan. These add-on’s assist in covering copays, deductibles, emergency room visits, help pay the mortgage and even pay when you have your annual wellness check completed.

Don’t forget to cash in on the Florida Blue Rewards for under 65!!

Florida Blue rewards you for taking care of your health. Log in to your Florida Blue account and be sure to complete:

  1. Health Assessment- helps to create a Personal Health Journey
  2. Complete the self-guided activities to earn monies toward your monthly premium- up to $250.
  3. Educational videos for lowering out-of-pocket costs, managing your Florida Blue account, preventative care and HMO/PPO benefits- up to $200.
  4. Personalized rewards are geared for members with certain health conditions. Earn $10 to $250 toward the monthly premium based on your specific needs.

HealthyBlue Rewards for Medicare Advantage Members!

Stay your healthiest with the Florida Blue rewards program. Log in to your member account at to participate and earn gift cards for: Annual Health Risk (AHR), Annual Wellness Exams/In-Home Health Visit, breast cancer screening(women only), bone density(women only), flu shot, colon cancer screening, diabetic screenings, and reporting healthy activity.

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