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Antique and Collectible Cars Demand Special Attention

Why would you settle for an average auto insurance policy if you don’t own an average car? Specialty auto insurance is an excellent fit for individuals who own collectible and antique cars and vehicles.

Specialty vehicles are obviously different from standard-issue autos, but some differences can be especially troublesome when searching for insurance coverage. First, assessing the cost of certain types of damage to a specialty vehicle can be challenging. With specialty vehicle insurance, you may have access to an insurance adjuster with the right knowledge and experience to assess your claim properly.

Another benefit to specialty auto insurance is that the value of the specialty vehicle is often much higher than traditional policies will cover. To ensure that you get the vehicle’s total value and have a policy that considers the total replacement value for the specialized auto, specialty insurance is the way to go. Your policy will have an “Agreed Value” that will spell out the amount you get in a total loss situation.

Antique and collectible cars are not generally driven daily and certainly not used to run everyday errands. This means that the mileage for specialty autos is often much lower than for a non-specialty car. Specialty auto insurance policies consider this when establishing your rates. They also understand that standard safety measures may need to be included. While a traditional auto insurance policy might penalize a driver for that, the auto insurance is tailored to that lack of safety devices.

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