Dangerous Deer in the Headlights

In Florida, we love our motorcycles. There is a wonderful freedom in jumping on a motorcycle and going for a cruise and going with a group of friends. It feels a bit like flying down the road. It is exhilarating. It is an adrenaline rush. It is also dangerous, especially at night.

When an average person thinks of Florida, they might think of recreational parks and famous attractions. They might consider that the Everglades are full of alligators and maybe some snakes. What they rarely think about is the same terrain that many animals thrive in Florida also creates a very large population of deer.

Deer migrate, especially during the mating season, which lasts from October to January. They run in herds and move about looking for good grazing areas and water. Because Florida is such a vast state, this means there are plenty of areas where deer cross the roads.

Danger to Motorcycles

Hitting a deer at highway speeds in a vehicle does a lot of damage to the car. Most of the time, if the occupants of the vehicle are wearing seat belts and do not swerve, but apply brakes strongly instead, the car is damaged but the occupants usually survive.

With a motorcycle rider, hitting a deer is very different. A buck deer may weigh up to 200 lbs. If you hit a deer on a motorcycle, it is like running into a brick wall. A motorcycle rider flies over the handlebars and goes into the air like shooting out of a cannon. And then, lands head first into the pavement. This is not a pleasant event. Some die. It can happen in an instant.

Safety First

Take it easy when driving on Florida highways that are far for the cities. Expect that a deer may suddenly jump in front and be sure to get motorcycle insurance from SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. in Fort Meyers, Florida because you never know when some surprising thing may happen.

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