You SUCK: Your teenagers most recent Tweet could get you sued……

Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone and called them something in public not exactly suitable for printing? What about the neighborhood rumor mill, ever passed along a juicy piece of information without first checking the facts? What about inflammatory posts on Facebook? These are examples of “personal injury” as defined in insurance terms. Libel, slander and defamation of character are the best known of the “personal injury” offenses.

The Internet has upped the ante on the need for personal injury protection. Posting an opinion to a website, Tweeting, blogging about an individual or business or simply forwarding a damaging email could result in a personal injury suit. The problem is personal injury is not covered in the unendorsed homeowners’ policy. An endorsement is required to gain the needed protection.

Personal injury protection is garnered by attachment of the HO 24 82 (or equivalent state-specific or proprietary) endorsement. Coverage is not limited to libel, slander and defamation of character, but is also extended to any offense commonly considered personal injury (in insurance terms) including: invasion of privacy, wrongful entry into or wrongful eviction from a premises (all three could be useful if the insured is a lessor or landlord), false arrest, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution.

How important is personal injury protection? In January 2008, a real estate developer sued a blogger for $25 million because of something he said on his blog. The number of claims and lawsuits are on the rise. People seem to be easily offended and more than willing to air their “hurt” feelings in court; most clients will readily admit this to be true. Kids can be cruel and many times they do not totally understand the consequences of their actions.

Adding Personal Injury Liability Protection to your Homeowners is as simple as a phone call. The annual premium costs vary from $15. To $25. for $ 300,000. Remember that when you purchase Liability Insurance, you are purchasing a legal defense team as well as funds to pay damages.

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