Umbrella Liability Claim Scenario # 5….This could be You.

The 56-year-old insured pulled forward out of her driveway, making a left turn into the path of a motorcycle, which was coming out of a curve. The operator of the motorcycle applied his brakes and “laid it down,” but struck the quarter panel of the insured’s vehicle.

The insured was cited for traffic violations. The motorcycle passenger (wife of the motorcycle operator), died at the scene. She is survived by her husband, four children (ages 7 to 15), her parents, grandparents and several siblings. The motorcycle operator suffered a fractured finger and abrasions and had a valid “bystander’s claim” under state law.

The Personal Umbrella Policy contributed $640,000, above the primary policies. This is areal life claim situation. Remember Liability Insurance is really about Wealth Protection.

Do not let something like this happen to you. Call SWFL Insurance Agency at 239-265-9577 for an Umbrella proposal.

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