Sooo….Is my Screen Enclosure insured for Hurricane damage under my Homeowners Policy?

Well that depends…..Most insurance companies writing in Florida either exclude “Screen Enclosures” for loss due to a Hurricane; exclude “screen enclosures” and carports for all perils; or provide a minimal coverage limit. Typically, “Hurricane Coverage” for screen enclosures can be added by endorsement up to a maximum limit of between $50,000 and $75,000, dependent on the company.

Screen enclosures or pool cages are typically structures that have an aluminum frame structure with screen walls and screen roof or aluminum pan roof. Screen wall porches or lanais where the roof is constructed of the same material as the primary residence are typically included in the Dwelling Coverage A of the Homeowners Policy. Discuss fully with your agent. Make no assumptions.

Note that many policies totally exclude any type of loss to structures that have screen walls on more than one side, are open to the weather and the roof construction is not like that of the primary dwelling. So…. this is the screen room and carport with aluminum “pan” roofs and screen walls whether attached to dwelling or not. There is typically no ability to add these structures by endorsement other than the Hurricane coverage.

The catch here is that the “Hurricane Coverage ” for screen enclosures and carports permanently attached to the dwelling is typically provided for the “aluminum framing only”. This would mean that no coverage is provided for the screen material, nor for the cost to remove and replace the screen material.

IMPORTANT: If you have screens or a screen enclosure, you should discuss the details with your insurance agent to determine what is insured. Coverage language varies greatly from company to company. The “hurricane coverage” for screen enclosures can be “pricey”, so request a quote.

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