Renters Insurance Provides More Than Protection for Your Possessions

For tenants in Fort Myers, FL, renters insurance includes a host of coverage, not the least of which is personal property coverage. Personal property coverage is the portion of a renters insurance policy that protects the policyholder’s belonging. It’s an important coverage to consider when you’re choosing a renters insurance policy, but it’s hardly the only one to look at. Here are some other coverage options you might want to look for in a renters insurance policy if you rent a place in Florida.

Other Renters Insurance Coverage

When looking at a renters insurance policy, you might notice any number of coverage choices that complement the policy’s personal property coverage. A few of the other protections you may come across include:

  • medical payments coverage
  • liability coverage
  • property damage to others coverage
  • additional living expenses coverage

Because there’s no single set of coverage options that are included in every policy, you might find some policies that have several of these options and others that have very few. You’ll need to consider which ones you want and look for a policy that includes those.

Renters Insurance Rates

Renters insurance premiums generally correlate to the coverage that policy includes. Most of the time, policies that have more protections cost more than those that have less. There are exceptions to this rule of thumb, though. Sometimes people come across quite a few exceptions when they’re looking for renters insurance.

The exceptions arise when different insurance companies assess different values to the above-listed coverages. Some companies price them higher than others, thus altering the cost of policies.

At SWFL Insurance Agency, we have a team of independent insurance agents who can compare all of the different policies available from insurers in Florida. We’ll make sure to find you the lowest premiums on a renters insurance policy that includes the coverage you desire. To speak with an agent, contact us today.

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