How Renters Can Improve the Kitchen

Moving to a new apartment is a bit exhausting. However, once everything is unpacked and put away, the fun part begins. Most apartments have rather drab kitchens, intentionally made in a neutral style, with muted tones. This is so as not to offend anyone’s tastes and make the apartments as rentable as possible. The problem is that these kitchens are boring.

The way to remedy this situation is do a kitchen makeover in a creative style that shows some flair and good taste.
Here are some low cost ways to do a kitchen makeover:

  • Add metal shelving to display nice-looking items and have them close at hand for use
  • Line interior drawers and shelves with attractive liners
  • Use drawer organizers
  • Use a hanging rack or wall-mounted rack for pots and pans
  • Change drawer pulls and cabinets handles (save the old ones to re-install when moving)
  • Use removable stick-on tiles to cover ugly floors or use a decorative throw rug
  • Removable stick-on tiles make a good temporary backsplash and can be used on walls as well
  • Add a bowl of fresh fruit and some flowers in a beautiful vase

Bake some bread or a cake, sit back, have some soothing tea, and enjoy the new look and smells achieved by your kitchen makeover.

Connect America Insurance Agency advises renters to protect their personal property from loss or damage by getting renters insurance coverage. Property owners have insurance that covers the building, but rarely does it cover the contents of the apartments. That insurance coverage is the responsibility of the tenants.

It is easy to get renters insurance. There is a convenient online system to compare quotes, which takes only a few minutes. If you prefer, talk to one of the nice people at our agency. We will be delighted to help you. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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