How Much Umbrella Insurance Should I Carry?

When choosing your coverage limits, consider three things:

The risks you may face. Consider your risk exposures as a homeowner, condo owner or renter such as swimming pool, sport activities, scooters, bicycles, golf carts, property you own and its features, etc. The risk of causing an auto accident during your work commute, and any potentially dangerous activities you participate in that could put those around you at risk of bodily injury or property damage.

The value of your assets. These include real properties, possessions, stocks, bonds, savings and retirement funds. The more assets you have to protect, the higher the umbrella policy limit you should consider.

The potential loss of future income. Because liability lawsuits can result in loss of both current assets and future income, even those with few assets to protect may want to consider the long-term ramifications of a serious claim.

When you review your future income, consider your earning potential. You may not have many assets now, but if you’re on track for a high paying career, you could be involved in a lawsuit that can target money you haven’t earned yet.

Speak with an independent insurance agent at SWFL Insurance Agency, inc. to determine your specific risk factors and learn more about how to protect your current and future assets. We have Umbrella liability Policies starting at $ 250. Annually. Call us at 239-265-9577.

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