Facts about Condo Insurance in Fort Myers, FL

When buying condo insurance, you are probably looking for the right mix of quality coverage at an affordable price. Condo insurance is also called HO6 insurance. With this type of insurance, you have coverage for the inside of the condo as well as liability risks. One way to reduce the overall cost is by raising the deductible. The agents at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. can help.

Another way you can save on condo insurance is by installing fire and smoke alarm systems if your condo unit does not already have them. Before going ahead with any insurance policy, be sure to contact your condo’s home owner’s association first.

Condo Master Insurance

This covers the interior of a condo. It will only provide coverage to the bare structure. Private property, as well as fixtures such as sinks, countertops will need to be separately insured.

Special entity

This type of coverage insures nearly the whole condo, including fixtures. However, this will not cover additions to the unit, or structural improvements. Personal property coverage is also separate.

All in all and inclusive

All of the physical interiors of the condo is covered with this type of insurance, including additions and fixtures. All personal property would need to be covered with another kind of insurance.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance covers the cost of the valuables in case of damage such as from a fire or from flooding. It also protects the personal items in case they are stolen.

Cash value coverage: The insurance company determines what it is worth, with the value potentially depreciating over time.
Replacement value coverage: you get the amount that you paid for
Liability: Protects you and your assets from what happens to individuals

Reach out to our office today and let us know how we can help with condo insurance in Fort Myers, Florida. SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. is ready to help you find the right amount of condo insurance coverage to fit your needs today.

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