Condominium Owners Insurance 101Revised

Condominium coverage provided by the HO6 Policy Form for Condominium and Co-op owners, bridges the gap between your condo association’s master policy (which insures property owned by all unit owners) and your property and personal liability protection. The master policy includes coverage for the actual building in which you reside, as well as common property like a pool or gazebo.

Your condominium owners policy offers you the following important protection:
Additions and Alterations

According to your Florida Condominium Statute 718.111, you most likely are responsible for interior parts of your unit such as floor coverings, cabinets appliances, etc. The condominium statutes in Florida changed substantially in 2008. Check with your condo board and management company to understand clearly what you are responsible for insuring and what the Association must insure. The statute now dictates the responsibilities, not the condo documents… be warned.

Determining the Insurable Value for the Coverage A Dwelling -Additions and Alterations can be difficult but very important.

The following items are typically excluded from coverage by the Association and you must insure them.

Floor coverings, tile, wall and ceiling coverings, paint but not drywall, and in most cases Plumbing and Electrical fixtures, Appliances, Water heaters and filters, Built in Cabinets and Counter Tops, Window treatments and Replacement of any of these Additions, Alterations and other improvements that you or a previous owner may have installed and were not a part of the original unit.

Additional information can be viewed at What is Additions and Alterations? SWFL Insurance Agency can aid you with determining the proper values for this coverage. Call us.

Air conditioning units, no matter where located, are the primary insurance responsibility of the Association.

Personal Property Coverage

A condominium owners policy provides coverage for your furnishings and personal possessions against such covered hazards as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, collapse, smoke or vandalism. This is also called Coverage C – Personal Property and it ensures that your damaged or destroyed property is protected up to the amount of insurance protection you purchase. If you were able to turn your condo unit upside down, everything that would fall out is considered Personal Property.

Theft protection: the condominium owners policy also protects your property against practically every type of theft loss in your condo or anywhere in the world. Also included is coverage for thefts from your unattended car or boat, even if there is no evidence of forced entry.

Special coverage for important possessions: Most condo policies offer special amounts of coverage for certain types of property. For example,

  • $200 for money and coins
  • $1,500. For Securities, evidences of debt, bank notes, personal records, etc.
  • $1,500 for theft of jewelry, watches or furs
  • $2,500 for theft of firearms
  • $2,500 for business property at home.
  • You may be able to increase these amounts. See policy language for the actual special limits that apply to the policy that you purchased.
Optional Property Coverages

Every home is different. You may require special coverage for your individual needs. The following coverage may be available:

  • Broadened Coverage for Contents: Provides “all-risk” protection for your possessions. This means that your personal property is covered in most situations, regardless of the cause of loss.
  • Contents Replacement Cost: pays full cost to repair or replace most personal property in your condo with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Personal Articles: provides higher limits and in most cases, worldwide protection for special property such as jewelry, silverware, fine art, furs, cameras, firearms, musical instruments, and home computers for an extended variety of losses
  • Coverage for other structures: you may own other structures that are not part of your basic condo unit (such as a carport, detached garage or storage shed). If these structures are not considered to be common property, they are not covered under your Association’s Master Policy. This coverage would insure these other structures.

A deductible is the amount of loss you agree to assume before your insurance coverage takes over. There will typically be a Hurricane Deductible of 2% or more and an All Other Perils Deductible of $ 500. or more. The Hurricane/ Wind deductible typically is an annual deductible and is a Percentage of the insured value. ie) 2% of $50,000., the insured value is $1,000. Typically the higher your deductible, the lower the cost of your policy premium. The deductible applies to property losses only. Liability protection does not require a deductible.

Additional Living Expenses

If your unit is damaged and you have to move out while it’s being repaired, you’re covered! The policy pays for all necessary living expenses (hotel, meals, laundry, etc.), in most situations, up to 40% of the contents coverage amount you selected.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Protection may be available for coverage against financial loss if damage to commonly owned property exceeds the amount of coverage in the Master Policy. If your condo association is forced to assess all unit owners for the additional loss (or for personal liability claims against the association), you’re covered! Coverage typically is limited to $ 1,000. It is important to understand what deductibles apply to the Association insurance policies, both property and liability. Inadequate coverage limits and deductibles can yield loss assessments to unit owners.

Personal Liability Protection

Liability coverage is important protection in the event that you are sued for accidentally hurting other people or damaging their property. Personal liability helps to cover the associated legal costs and related damages. Most condo owners policies provide $100,000 (minimum) of financial protection against liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property. Higher Liability Limits and Umbrella Liability Policies should be considered in your wealth protection planning.

  • While in your condo
  • Caused by your personal activities, including most sports
  • Caused by your children or pets. Careful here, some carriers exclude Animal Liability.
  • Damage to property of others: Should you accidentally damage someone else’s personal property while that property is in your care, your owners policies will pay up to $500 for each occurrence.
  • Medical payments: Most policies will pay up to $1,000 per person in medical bills — regardless of your legal responsibility — when an accident involves bodily injury to others. Higher coverage amounts are available.

Most insurance carriers will not allow rental of your unit for less than a year at a time. Coverage for Condominium units rented for one week or more is available. Please call for a quote.

We are pleased to offer Condominium Owners policies through a number of strong carriers. We have carriers that will provide Hurricane coverage with their policies for most of the islands and beachfront. Spend a few minutes and allow us to provide you with a competitive quotation. Call 800-829-5270 or

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