Concerned about Carrying a Concealed Weapon and the Liability issue?

In a previous Blog post, we discussed Guns, the Homowners Policy and Liability coverage. We learned that the Homeowners Insurance Policy may or may not respond in a case where you intentionally shoot an intruder on your property or elsewhere. If you carry a weapon on your person or in your vehicle, your exposure to a liability claim is much higher.

The requirement for all gun owners to have Gun Liability Insurance is being debated in various states including Florida. There is a very good website for U.S. Concealed Carry Association that offers a Concealed Carry Guide that discusses insurance and offers Gun Liability Insurance at reasonable rates.

The NRA offers Self Defense Insurance at reasonable rates. You need to be a member. With membership, you receive $ 2,500 of coverage for your guns at no charge.

Remember, the Legal Representation and Legal Fees is the most important part of the Insurance Coverage that you are purchasing. Whatever the circumstances, the costs associated with protecting your rights can be expensive. Review the policy language closely for any policy you may consider.

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