3 Energy Upgrades That Can Change Your Home Insurance Premiums

Green energy is the way of the future. Many homeowners are investing in energy upgrades that will save money and power.

What most people don’t think about is how these improvements will affect their insurance premiums. These three energy upgrades may impact how much you will pay for home insurance. outside of a home insurance.

Solar Panels

Solar panel companies are a dime a dozen. While discussing lower electricity bills and renewable energy, few companies mention home insurance. Once you make an investment in solar for your home, you will want to protect it with your home insurance policy.

Many companies consider solar panels an addition to your home and may raise your premium. It generally averages out to a few dollars a month and is sometimes offset by savings in electricity.

Energy Efficient HVAC

Some people consider new a central air system and furnace a luxury. However, they may lower your insurance premium. Older models tend to have outdated electrical components that make them a fire risk.

Not only are new HVAC systems efficient at heating and cooling your home, but they can also lower your premium. Add in tax credits for energy efficient models, and a new HVAC system is more affordable than you might think.

New Windows

It is no secret that new windows keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. But they also help protect your home from theft. Automatic locking mechanisms and unbreakable treatments on glass can keep intruders from entering. They can also lower your home insurance premium. With a monitored security system, new windows may be the best investment you can make in home protection.

With so many green upgrades available, confusion runs rampant about how each one will affect your premiums. Contact your carrier for information that is unique to your home and policy.

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